8+ Best Electric Dirt Bikes to Buy in 2024

Electric Dirt Bikes: Electric dirt bikes are here to save the day! In 2024, the market is buzzing with innovative, noise-free machines that not only tackle the toughest terrains but also bring a whole new level of fun to off-road adventures.

Electric Vehicle Hub has scoured the landscape to bring you the lowdown on the top contenders. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a newbie looking to kick up some dirt, we’ve got the list that’ll rev up your excitement.

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8+ Best Electric Dirt Bikes to Buy in 2024

Cake Kalk OR:

First up on our electrifying journey is the Cake Kalk OR, a creation of the ambitious Swedish start-up, Cake. This two-wheeled beauty is not just a dirt bike; it’s a piece of art.

Weighing in at less than 80 kg, the Kalk OR boasts a removable battery that charges in a mere three hours. With a top speed of 55 mph, this sleek machine is a minimalist’s dream, offering off-road thrills without the unnecessary frills.

Specification Details
Weight Less than 80 kg
Battery Charge Time 3 hours
Top Speed 55 mph

Alta Motors Redshift MX:

Despite being no longer in business, Alta Motors’ Redshift MX remains a tempting outlier. With a potent 50 bhp and a potential top speed of 70 mph, this California-born machine is a powerhouse.

Boasting an impressive 100-mile range, the Redshift MX proves that electric dirt bikes can pack a punch without compromising distance. For those willing to hunt down a second-hand gem, the Alta Motors Redshift MX is a thrilling temptation that might just be worth the search.

Specification Details
Power 50 bhp
Top Speed 70 mph
Range 100 miles

Zero FX:

Enter the silent contender – the Zero FX by the all-electric motorcycle company, Zero. With an impressive 90-mile range in city use, this dirt bike is a stealthy city slicker.

The patented Z-Force battery claims to be the most powerful in the game, but be ready to invest in Zero’s charging accessories to cut the recharge time from nine hours to less than two. It’s not just a dirt bike; it’s a promise of powerful, noiseless rides.

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Specification Details
Range (City Use) 90 miles
Charging Time Around 9 hours (Reduced with accessories)
Top Speed Varied by usage

Vector Vortex:

Striking a balance between bicycle and motorcycle, the Vector Vortex from Germany aims to be the “ultimate off-road e-bike.” Weighing less than 60 kg, this dirt bike is designed for the specialist off-roader.

Climbing every mountain and fording every stream is not just a metaphor; it’s the essence of the Vector Vortex. With regenerative braking for on-the-go recharging, this German marvel is for those who seek the extraordinary in their off-road escapades.

Specification Details
Weight Less than 60 kg
Regenerative Braking Yes

Segway Dirt eBike X260:

Known for their e-scooters and self-balancing wonders, Segway ventures into the rugged world with the Dirt eBike X260. With a top speed of 45 mph and a rapid 30 mph in just four seconds, this machine is built to tackle any terrain.

Weighing a mere 55 kg, it offers not only speed but superior handling over challenging hills. Segway brings its balancing finesse to the off-road realm, proving that tough can also be stylish.

Specification Details
Top Speed 45 mph
Range 75 miles
Weight 55 kg

KTM Freeride E-XC: 

No list of dirt bikes is complete without an Austrian powerhouse, and KTM’s Freeride E-XC lives up to the legacy. KTM, a pioneer in embracing battery technology since 2014, presents a water-cooled motor that can charge on or off the bike.

With up to 90 minutes of ride time and three power modes, the Freeride E-XC is not just for the pros – it’s the perfect playground for beginners too.

Specification Details
Motor Type Water-cooled
Ride Time Up to 90 minutes
Power Modes Three

Sur-Ron Light Bee X: 

Hailing from the high-tech industrial hub of Chongqing, China, Sur-Ron’s Light Bee X is making waves with its ambitious production plans. Weighing only 50 kg, boasting a claimed range of 62 miles, and a top speed of 45 mph, this dirt bike is as impressive on the spec sheet as it is on the trail.

With a quick charge time of less than four hours and eye-catching aesthetics, Sur-Ron promises an off-road adventure that’s as thrilling as it is efficient.

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Specification Details
Weight 50 kg
Range 62 miles
Top Speed 45 mph
Charging Time Less than 4 hours

Yamaha TY-E:

Yamaha is still perfecting the TY-E, an “advanced development vehicle” that has already hit the off-road trials. Weighing just 70 kg, this full-spec machine stands out for its unconventional mechanical clutch, allowing riders to control power with finesse.

While not yet showroom-ready, the TY-E promises sophistication that might just make it worth the wait. Yamaha’s pursuit of perfection in off-road electric vehicles is a testament to the evolving landscape of electric dirt bikes.

Specification Details
Weight 70 kg
Clutch Mechanical

Kuberg FreeRider:

Specializing in electric-only machines, Kuberg introduces the FreeRider – a dirt bike that’s all about maneuverability. Weighing a mere 40 kg, this lightweight option is a dream for dedicated off-roaders.

The enthusiasts love it, not just for its super-fast two-and-a-half-hour recharge time but also for its striking design. Kuberg proves that less weight equals more maneuverability, making the FreeRider a standout in the electric dirt bike arena.

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Specification Details
Weight 40 kg (Varied by specification)
Recharge Time 2.5 hours

Oset 24.0R:

Founded with the vision of creating an electric trails bike for his son, Oset has grown into a force in the market. Now under the wing of the renowned British company Triumph, Oset’s 24.0R caters to both young and old off-road enthusiasts.

Weighing less than 50 kg, this dedicated trails bike with a no-frills design is not just for the youth; it’s for anyone seeking an adrenaline-fueled off-road experience.

Specification Details
Weight Less than 50 kg


There you have it – Electric Vehicle Hub’s roundup of the 8+ Best Electric Dirt Bikes to set the trails ablaze in 2024! From the minimalist marvels to the powerhouse outliers, the electric dirt bike market is charging ahead with innovation and excitement.

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