Top 7+ Electric Three Wheel Scooter And E-trikes

If we speak about electric vehicles, the spotlight is now on electric three-wheel scooter or e-trikes. These innovative vehicles are gaining traction among riders with limited mobility or those seeking a stable and comfortable ride.

In 2023, various models made their mark, and as we step into 2024, let’s explore the top seven electric trikes that promise an exciting and reliable journey.

Top 7+ Electric Three Wheel Scooter And E-trikes in 2024

1. Lectric XP Trike: Affordable and Efficient 🌟

Unlocking the Thrills at $1,499

Specifications Details
Motor 500W hub, 65Nm
Battery 672Wh, 48V
Gears Single-speed
Brakes Hydraulic discs
Features Differential wheel axle, rear-wheel drive, lightweight, folding frame, 415lb capacity

The Lectric XP Trike emerges as a beacon of affordability, priced at a wallet-friendly $1,499. Boasting a 500W hub motor and a 672Wh battery, it packs quite a punch.

While the ride might be slightly bumpy due to its 20″ wheels and narrow 2.6″ tires, the rigid aluminum frame keeps the weight down at 69.5lb, contributing to an impressive 60-mile range.

A unique feature in this Electric Three Wheel Scooter is the dual differential wheel axle, enhancing stability during turns. Don’t overlook the cargo package, available for an additional $149, providing front and rear baskets with a 110lb cargo capacity.

If you’re on a tight budget and crave a lightweight e-trike, Lectric XP is worth a closer look.

2. Buzz Cerana T: Electric Three Wheel Scooter

Dancing through the Streets with a 350W Mid-Drive

Specifications Details
Motor 350W mid-drive
Battery 374Wh, 36V
Gears 7-speed Shimano Tourney
Brakes Mechanical discs
Features Mid-drive motor, 10-year frame warranty, two baskets included

The Buzz Cerana T enters the stage with a mid-drive marvel, all within the budget-friendly realm of $1,699. Although lacking extensive long-term reviews, its specifications are nothing short of impressive.

The 350W mid-drive motor promises a smoother and more capable ride, ideal for carrying heavier cargo. Equipped with a 7-speed Shimano Tourney, it provides more versatility compared to its single-speed counterparts.

However, a notable absence is the backrest on the seat, limiting comfort. Despite this, the Buzz Cerana T stands as a decent Electric Three Wheel Scooter, light-duty choice for those on a budget.

3. Rad Power Bikes RadTrike:

Precision at $2,499

Specifications Details
Motor 750W hub
Battery 480Wh, 48V
Gears Single-speed
Brakes Front mechanical disc, rear coaster
Features Seat with backrest, 415lb capacity, folding handlebars, reverse mode, parking brake

Rad Power Bikes RadTrike takes the spotlight with its meticulous craftsmanship, priced at $2,499. With a 750W hub motor and a 480Wh battery, this e-trike is not just about power; it’s about thoughtful design.

The inclusion of reverse mode, adjustable seat and backrest, folding handlebars, and sturdy fenders showcases the brand’s commitment to user experience. While accessories come at an additional cost, the plethora of options allows for a highly customizable ride.

The heavy-duty steel frame, though adding weight at 82lb, provides shock absorption for a smoother journey. If you’re willing to invest for quality and versatility, RadTrike is a top-tier choice.

4. Malisa Electric Trike for Adults

Specifications Details
Motor 750W Bafang
Battery 624Wh, 48V
Gears 7-speed Shimano
Brakes Mechanical discs
Features 440lb capacity, two integrated baskets, seat with backrest, fat tires

The Malisa Electric Trike’s Forte model enters the arena with a powerful 750W Bafang motor and a 624Wh battery, offering an exhilarating top speed of 26 mph.

With a substantial payload capacity of 440lb, this Electric Three Wheel Scooter competes with heavy-duty cargo e-bikes. The 4″ fat tires provide ample grip and shock absorption for bumpy surfaces. However, caution is advised on loose or steep terrain where the front hub motor might lose traction.

What sets the Forte apart is the inclusion of front and rear baskets, making it a ready-to-go electric cargo trike. If speed and high payload capacity are non-negotiable for you, the Forte is a solid choice.

5. Emojo Caddy Pro Electric Tricycle

Sleek and Stylish at an Unrevealed Cost

Specifications Details
Motor 500W
Battery 749Wh, 48V
Gears 7-speed
Brakes Hydraulic disc brakes
Features Two integrated baskets, fat tires, cruiser handlebars, front hub motor

Emojo Caddy Pro injects style into the e-trike scene, complete with a 500W motor, 749Wh battery, and hydraulic disc brakes. The design focuses on comfort, featuring a comfortable saddle, wide 4″ fat tires, swept-back handlebars, and a low-step frame. Despite its 90lb weight, it disappoints with a lower max capacity of 330lb.

The assembly process, criticized by many reviewers, might pose a challenge for those not well-versed in bike mechanics. If you prioritize style and comfort over heavy cargo, the Caddy Pro could be your sleek and stylish Electric Three Wheel Scooter.

6. DWMEIGI 750W Adult Electric Trike

Sprint into Action for an Unspecified Sum

Specifications Details
Motor Bafang 750W, 80Nm
Battery 874Wh, 48V
Gears 7-speed Shimano
Brakes Tektro MD300 mechanical discs
Features Fast charging, 58L waterproof storage bag included, puncture-resistant fat tires

The DWMEIGI MG1703 bursts onto the scene as another heavyweight contender, featuring a powerful Bafang 750W hub motor and an 874Wh battery. With a 58L waterproof storage bag included, it’s designed for carrying valuables.

The 4″ wide tires and fork suspension ensure a smooth ride on bumpy roads and light off-road tracks. However, the mechanical disc brakes might feel underpowered for a hefty e-tricycle.

Assembling the MG1703 can be a hassle, as noted by many users, recommending professional assembly for non-experts. While slightly pricier than its counterparts, the MG1703 comes fully equipped, offering a robust max range and a solid choice for power enthusiasts.

7. ADDMOTOR Electric Adult Trike

The Recumbent Revolution at Your Doorstep

Specifications Details
Motor Bafang 750W
Battery 960Wh, 48V
Gears 7-speed Shimano Altus
Brakes Tektro MD300 mechanical discs
Features 85-mile range, fat tires, 100lb rear basket capacity, seat with backrest

ADDMOTOR M-360 breaks away from the conventional trike design, introducing the only recumbent trike on our list. This Electric Three Wheel Scooter is priced at an undisclosed amount, it caters to seniors with its laid-back design, padded seat, and backrest.

The powerful 750W motor and a massive 960Wh battery provide an impressive 85-mile range. While the weight distribution can pose challenges on slopes, the M-360 compensates with a 100lb-capacity rear basket and a total payload capacity of 350lb. If you seek comfort, power, and a unique riding experience, the M-360 is a top choice.

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2024 promises an array of choices catering to diverse preferences and needs. From budget-friendly options like the Lectric XP Trike to premium choices like the ADDMOTOR M-360, these electric trikes redefine mobility with style and innovation.

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