Kinetic Green’s Game-Changing Electric Moped Shakes Up Two-Wheeler Market at Unbelievable Price!

  • Kinetic Green launched the e-Luna, an electric moped priced at around Rs 70,000.
  • The company aims to sell about 100,000 e-Lunas annually and has set up 300 dealerships across India.
  • They’re focusing on scooters and the e-Luna, offering a battery subscription model and aiming to make electric mobility more affordable.

Kinetic Green, a company that makes electric vehicles (EVs), has been making waves in India’s two-wheeler market with its new electric moped called e-Luna. Priced at around Rs 70,000, it’s catching people’s attention. Sulajja Firodia Motwani, the CEO and Co-founder of Kinetic Green, recently talked about how they made the e-Luna and what’s next for the company.

Kinetic Green got back into making electric bikes a while ago. They couldn’t do it earlier because of a contract they had with another company, Mahindra. But once that was over, they jumped into making electric bikes. Motwani mentioned that they started with three-wheelers first and then moved to two-wheelers. She also said that they timed their entry well because more and more people are interested in electric bikes now.

Motwani explained that they’re focusing on making electric scooters and the e-Luna. They’re not planning to make electric motorcycles for now because they see more potential in scooters and the e-Luna. They aim to sell about 100,000 e-Lunas every year. Before the e-Luna was officially launched, they did a trial run in Maharashtra where they sold 30,000 units. Out of these, 15,000 went to businesses and service providers. They sold these bikes online through websites like Flipkart and Amazon.

Even though you can book the e-Luna online, Motwani said you’ll get it from a dealership. They believe customers want to see and touch the bike before buying it, and dealerships help with that. Kinetic Green has set up 300 dealerships across India for their two-wheelers, and they plan to open more soon.

Talking about their business model, Motwani said they understand that customers want both online and offline options. They’ve built a physical network of dealerships while also selling bikes online. This way, customers have options.

When asked about the battery subscription model they have for another scooter they make, the Zulu, Motwani said they’ll have the same for the e-Luna too. This means you can subscribe to the battery instead of buying it outright. She mentioned that the monthly expenses for using an e-Luna, including charging and paying for it on installments, would be less than Rs 2,500. That’s cheaper than using a petrol bike.

So, Kinetic Green is making waves in the electric bike market in India with its e-Luna. They’re focusing on scooters and this moped, aiming to make electric mobility more accessible to everyone.

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