Lunaz Reveals Electric Classic: The 1983 Range Rover Safari

  • Lunaz introduces a revamped 1983 Range Rover Safari, electrifying the classic car while maintaining its original exterior.
  • The interior undergoes a complete transformation with modern amenities, including a 3D-printed console, heated seats, and luxurious upholstery.
  • Powered by a 280kW electric motor, the upgraded Range Rover Safari boasts enhanced performance, zero emissions, and improved handling for both on-road and off-road adventures.

Lunaz just unveiled their latest electric classic car, and it’s a total gem – a 1983 short-wheelbase Range Rover Safari. You might remember this as the same type of car James Bond drove in the 1983 movie Octopussy. But here’s the twist: Lunaz didn’t just slap on an electric motor and call it a day. Nope, they went all out, reinforcing the body and chassis to keep it sturdy without a roof and make room for a powerful electric engine.

They didn’t mess with the classic look though – the outside still looks just like it did back in ’83. This particular one is even painted in a special ‘Maya Blue’ color with a dark blue convertible top, all picked out by the lucky owner.

But where Lunaz really went to town is the inside. They completely revamped it, making it super fancy and high-tech. Say goodbye to the old simple dashboard – now there’s a slick 3D-printed console that took two years to design and make. It’s got all the bells and whistles, like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, a reversing camera, and even controls for the air conditioning. Plus, there are USB ports everywhere for charging your gadgets.

And let’s talk seats. They’re not just seats anymore – they’re like thrones. Both the driver and passenger get heated seats with fancy padding that Lunaz usually uses in their Rolls-Royce and Bentley models. And the upholstery? It’s all soft leather with cool fluting details.

But wait, there’s more. Instead of the usual leather, Lunaz used a special waterproof fabric for the Safari model, kinda like what you’d find on tough outdoor jackets. They put over a thousand hours into making the interior look this good.

Now, onto the juicy stuff – the power. This baby’s got a 280kW electric motor that pumps out 375 horsepower. That’s a lot more than the old V8 engine, and the best part? Zero emissions. Lunaz also beefed up the suspension, brakes, and added regenerative braking to handle all that extra power. And don’t worry about taking it off-road – it can still tackle water crossings and rough terrain just like the original.

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